October 17, 2019

Value of Connectivity in a Laptop

Finally, and finally, look closely at the possible connections available on the model you cherish. You may be very disappointed not to find what you want when you arrive at home. Here are the connectivity currently available, but not necessarily present on all models:

  • RJ45 (Internet) – Warning, some models can only be Wifi (this is particularly the case of Ultrabook)
  • Wifi – Present on all modelsrevless
  • USB ( Make sure there are USB 2.0 and 3.0 to make your transfers faster ) – and check to have at least 3 entries, because one will necessarily be devoted to the mouse.
  • HDMI ( allows you to connect your PC to an external monitor or TV for watching a movie or for photos, for example, so your computer can be used as a DVD player if you do not have one ).
  • SD card: There are now 256 GB SD cards, convenient for backup without lugging an external hard drive.
  • Headphone input (present on all models)
  • Microphone jack
  • DVD player/burner


Most computers best laptops for under 600  come with the trial version of the Microsoft Office 365 Office Suite, which can be used for up to 30 days. Beyond that, you have to pay the license. In November 2018, it was billed € 69 / year or € 7 / month for 1 post or € 99 / year or € 10 / month for 6 posts. Some computers also incorporate older versions of the complete software. The presence of video editing software such as Cyberlink, for example, may be useful. A program to play videos is a plus even if it can be downloaded for free (VLC or other).


It is not sound bar under 100   because it belongs to the family of laptops that a computer is intended to be constantly moved. Proof that it is no longer reserved for business travelers, for home use, laptop sales are now higher than sales of desktop PCs. Some users choose it because it is less bulky. A PC with a large screen offers optimal comfort, but the weight is mechanically felt: a computer with a 20-inch screen reaches 7 kg! This is why, for large models, we speak of “transportable”. At the other end of the scale, ultraportables are designed to be both powerful and light (less than 2 kg), but they are very expensive., whose keyboard is detached to turn into a touchpad, are more numerous.

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