December 3, 2020



This is not a spectacular and vast Showroom. Tucked away beside the Hang Kee M&B Trading and M&B Garment Trading Company, in an elegant House on Central Hong Kong, the silvered doors lead to a fairy wonderland of glittering jewelry, and cultured and attentive house-staff. This is not for the “hoi polloi”, but the very Elite. A visit is only by prior appointment, and Customers are pre-selected carefully. M&B is one of the finest creators of diamond-based jewelry for both genders, and their choice of pieces incorporating the use of the fancy green diamond is to die for.


There are separate sections which deals with different types of Diamond Jewelry. One section, for example, tucked away in a corner, deals almost exclusively with Blue Diamond Jewelry. Many types are available at all times, such as:


  • The Maldives Star.
  • The Cyan Sunset.
  • The Cushion Cut Blue & White Diamond Ring (Fancy Light Blue).
  • The Cushion Cut Blue & White Diamond Ring (Fancy Light Greenish Blue).

Fancy Green

Each M&B piece is hand-crafted by in-house master artisans from all over the world of diamonds. The subtle fancy green diamond with the light blue hues are complemented by a range of pink diamonds and rose gold settings, creating spectacular pieces, whether pendants, necklaces, rings or earrings. Amongst the rarest of all diamond colors, these fancy olive-green stones radiate with natural light, with shapes like:

  • Radiant-Cut Intense Yellow-Green.
  • Cushion-Cut Intense Yellow-Green.
  • Radiant-Cut fancy Yellow-Green Diamond (3.29 Carat).
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