October 26, 2020

How to Store Your Weeds Long-Term & Preserve Its Freshness

How to Store Your Weeds Long-Term & Preserve Its Freshness

Suppose you have the weed stash that you have not touched, you might notice buds getting much dryer, and smoking will not get you very high like it did initially. When ageing is inevitable, this will get slowed down with right preservation. We will teach you what may harm the buds with age, or how you will preserve them from the right elements and time.

 Aged buds: the new trend?

Suppose you are a type to buy the bud in bulk, and do not smoke very often, then we may imagine you have ended up with the old cannabis seeds on the hands. You may tell something’s off while you pinch dried-up and lightweight nugs. You might require something to smoke, however will the old stuff get you any high? Even though it did, what will its flavor like? Doesn’t matter the answers, you are likely thinking how you may stop the weed from being like that.

Well, you cannot stop ageing process, however you may definitely slow this down! Above all, you will have to ensure that your weed is cured, and placed in the optimal containers, as well as stored in the cool room at right temperature & humidity.

What Happens When CBD Gets Old?

Before going deeper in the discussion, take a deeper knowledge about what happens when the weed begins to age.

Conversion to CBN

When THC breaks down, this does not just disappear. Actually, it is converted in another cannabinoid, called CBN. The cannabinoid has mild psychoactive properties, however it does not get you very high on own.

Lost THC

When weed gets exposed to oxygen, heat, as well as UV light, cannabinoids within, which includes THC, may start to break down. This does not happen very quickly, but change will become highly noticeable after some weeks. It will not leave you sober; however joint will not get you very high as one you rolled over when you got it.

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