December 20, 2020

Survival Supplies – What to stock?

Survival Supplies – What to stock?

Depending on where one lives in the world, being prepared for an emergency situation is important.  Disasters can happen to cities on the coast, bad weather like floods and tornadoes and earthquakes are emergencies which need some kind of preparation. This is where one can opt for the best survival first aid kits.

Emergency survival food kits:

Most emergency readiness kits have items which are essential for a person to survive for at least 72 hours – these have a shelf life of 5 years.  There are packets with food rations which are about 2400 calories each and last for three days. One can buy dog and cat food packs which also last about 3 days. Emergence water supplies, flashlights, wind up radios, first aid kits, shelter in the form of lightweight tents and blankets and sanitation supplies are all important.

Items will differ slightly by the type of disaster that one has to deal with.  People would be well served if they look up websites put up by counties so that they can get the necessary supplies as well as evacuate in case of a hurricane etc.  City and state governments offer a lot of printed information for those who live in outlying areas and don’t have access to the Internet.  Survival tips based on different scenarios are also posted.

Some people also choose to get first aid, CPR and emergency response training so that they can volunteer their services during an emergency. So, what is your take for a survival kit?

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