March 17, 2021

French May; A Day Of Love, Appreciation, And Joy

French May; A Day Of Love, Appreciation, And Joy

What is French May?

French May is a public holiday in France and some other countries. This date is linked with the history of France and has more importance than just a leave day from the office.

In the year 1560, King Charles IX was presented with flowers which he decided to gift to every lady of the court on 1st May. The flowers were gifted as a symbol of lucky charm and also to express affection, love, and care. In addition to this, the day has also been known to be celebrated as the day for worker’s rights and trade unions their campaigns, and protests. On this day the French government allows the sale of tax-free lily.

What does it symbolize

This day is celebrated across several countries theatre programmes hong kong is held to celebrate the special day. The day symbolizes gratitude, appreciation, and positivity. This day is celebrated as the world’s traditional spring day. The lily is depicted as a sign of good luck.

A theatre program lets you come across a new story and sometimes a depiction of a historical event. This helps you to gain a better perspective and observation about an event. With the help of a theatre, you get to see the drama and acting of new talents. You get to see the innovative costumes and new lullaby, songs, and dance.

The French May gives recognition to humanity by celebrating the positivity and spread of love.

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