March 9, 2021

Here’s TheStrategic Location To Start Your Restaurant Business You Need To Know!

Here’s TheStrategic Location To Start Your Restaurant Business You Need To Know!

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Many people live in this city. They come for work and some just enjoying their live. Jakarta is the best place to start your new business. Do you want a restaurant business in Jakarta? You must know which location is suitable for your business. One that can reach the largest market in Jakarta and can choose a strategic location is Everplate.

Which Place That is Strategic For a New Restaurant?

Everplate is a Virtual Kitchen located in Jakarta. By way of a virtual kitchen or can be called a “dapur berjalan” is the most strategic step to achieve your business targets. Also, as its carrying capacity, it takes a strategic location so that the products you produce are more exposed to consumers. Some places in Jakarta that are considered strategic are:

  • The Kemang area is known as one of the centers for recreational activities in the capital. It is full of commercial activities, such as houses that have been converted into shops. Kemang is also known as a recreation area. Due to the density of the population, the number of food delivery service users is very active.
  • The Everplate Anggrek Neli. This area is a fairly densely populated area with a very strategic residential area. This area is also built as a business center for Jakarta and its surroundings.
  • Belmont residence is the ideal choice for running the F&B delivery business. This area has become a strategic location with various shopping centers, entertainment centers, offices, hospitals, schools, and many more.
  • Kelapa Nias, the lifestyle of urban people who work late into the night makes workers prefer to order food rather than cook at home. Interestingly, these changes were also influenced by developments in technology and the internet.
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