February 15, 2021

The Microsoft Courier is the IPad for Business Professionals

The Microsoft Courier is the IPad for Business Professionals

There’s been lots of “hoopla” about the Apple iPad, but Microsoft won’t be outdone. Microsoft is planning to release its own tablet to compete with the Apple iPad: the Microsoft Courier tablet. The Courier will be the iPad for a more mature audience.

Unlike the Apple iPad, the Microsoft Courier is a two-screen folding mini tablet computer that weighs less than a pound and is under an inch thick. The Microsoft Courier also strays a little more from the design of the Apple iPad by including a stylus along with its touch screen display. While the Apple iPad is marketed to anyone that can fork over the cash to buy one, the Microsoft Courier focuses on business professionals, students, and those looking to organize their ideas in a professional and high-tech manner. 3pl

The two-screen display of the Microsoft Courier is the real magic behind Microsoft’s answer to the Apple iPad tablet. Dragging from screen to screen with the flick of the Microsoft Courier stylus or a finger tap on either Microsoft Courier screen opens up a wide variety of options for students and business professionals that the Apple iPad doesn’t currently promise.

The Microsoft Courier tablet allows business professionals and students to keep track of their ideas, plans, appointments, and schedules easily and in a compact and easy to retrieve manner. Microsoft’s Courier tablet features cool apps like an inbuilt calendar, schedule, organizer, internet browser, contacts, agenda, search engine and more.

Unlike the Apple iPad, the Microsoft Courier is taking on a more social approach with its business tablet. The Microsoft Courier tablet allows live commenting, group collaborations, online journals, and even users post their notes and ideas online to be downloaded from business partners and friends and viewed on their personal computer.

In case you were wondering; yes, the Microsoft Courier will have ereader capabilities like the Apple iPad. The two screen display of the Microsoft Courier tablet will let users enjoy reading ebooks the way ebooks are supposed to be read – from page to page.

The smooth interface, dual-screen display, and social aspect of the Microsoft Courier, could give the Apple iPad a run for its money, and is the biggest competitor the Apple iPad will have to face. Bits and pieces of Microsoft Courier info is being leaked and some questions are still left unanswered (price, battery life, release date, etc.), but I’m excited about the promise of Microsoft’s attempt at the tablet niche and am looking forward to what Microsoft can promise business professionals and students.

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