September 3, 2019

When Is The Best Time To Go To Bali?

When Is The Best Time To Go To Bali?

Bali is one of the world’s most popular holiday destination currently, mainly owing to its breathtakingly beautiful scenery, which is perfectly complemented by the appeal their culture has. In addition, the local community is extremely friendly and approachable. The weather in Bali is almost perfect all through the year and the answer to the age-old question when is the best time to go to Bali is indeed a tough one to answer.

Seasons of Bali:

The seasons in Bali are split into 2 major cycles:

  • A dry season from April to November, which is characterized by scanty rainfall and low humidity. The winds blow towards the West from the East, making it the prime time for surfers who can surf best on the West coast. The direction of the winds also makes this period a good time for kite flying. This season also marks the commencement of the famed Ngaben ceremony.
  • A wet season from December to March which is characterized by a lot of rain and high levels of humidity. The islands showcase a lot more greenery at this time. The sea temperatures are also considerably warmer and the winds blow coming from the West blow towards the East, which allows for excellent surfing on the eastern coast.

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Even though Bali is found bustling with people almost throughout the year, it registers the highest amount of footfall in the months of July and August, during the dry season or in the months of December and January, during the wet season.

Also the world famous festivals that are held in Bali at various time periods all throughout the year bring in a lot of tourists, who are eager to know more about the culture of Bali.  These include the Nyepi, Ku langan and Galungan.

Although a visit to Bali would be spectacular at any point in the year, April, May, June, September, October or November are the best possible response to when is the best time to go to bali to experience the perfect balance of local communities and weather.

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