June 21, 2020

A comfortable place for your pets

A comfortable place for your pets

Animals are cute, especially when it comes to pets. People love cats and dogs so much that there is always a debate on which one is the best. Both the animals have their unique characteristics but it cannot be ignored that dogs are most loyal and loving. We can see more people opting to pet a dog and give all kinds of treatment. Just like a baby, taking care of a pet dog is not an easy task. It requires a huge amount of patience and interest. Also, people must understand what kind of breed they are looking for.

Not all dogs are friendly and supportive of the people. Once they adopt, they must promise themselves not to take any U-turn. Today, there are several products made available for the pet animals, right from chains, food items, and other toys to play, there are different kinds of stuff which are getting invented every day so that the dog grows up healthy and fit. Zuri Rose & Co is a firm that provides such kind of product that helps in the peace of the pets, resting and sleeping, woven dog bed. Let us look at who they are and how they came up with this product idea.

A comfortable place for your pets

About the company:

Based on Utah, the firm is promising and makes the product with natural elements. The main work is done in Ghana, where women are given with job opportunities and monthly salary to be financially independent and more open towards change, against how they used to be. This proves to be extremely beneficial to those living in the country and also their product woven dog bed is done with their hands. They are extremely proud to mention that there are no chemicals included in their products. Their main aim is to create long-lasting, durable, and sustainable products.

The product line:

Their main product range is to provide authentic African Moses baskets, changing pads, dog beds, doll beds, and much more. Since their initiation, they have found a decent number of customers and have formed their own shipping and return policies. They are in the process of expanding their delivery to other countries as well. As for the pet beds, these are extremely human-friendly and can be trusted for its quality. On their website, they have mentioned almost all they offer. They also have the safety usage of the products so that there is no harm to the babies. These products come with various shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges which the people can choose and order it through their site itself.

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