December 5, 2020



The Chronograph is back. And that in an Age where the cheapest digital watches are keeping Time as infallibly as the most expensive Chronometer. Not only that, watches have in fact almost disappeared from working wrists, as Time is provided accurately by other hand-held multi-use devices like the mobile phone.

But the World of Fashion is cyclical, and the Elite are beginning to covet these beautifully hand-made semi-mechanical pieces of Art on the wrist. UNDONE is a Hong Kong Watchmaker that has almost single-handedly brought back the style icon of all Time, the Chronograph. The vintage chronographs for sale are stunning, and yet classical. The chronograph dress watch is the height of “Haute Couture” once more.

Sample Features

The internal mechanisms are state of the art, yet they have vintage looks. Some of these Features can be derived from one example, the “Minimalist Black” model, as follows:

  • Superbly simple, yet with the complex mechanism keeping Time perfectly, these are modern and minimalist pieces.
  • This is a 40mm Unisex high style watch for the High Society, which can be matched with any dress or suiting.
  • In this case, the Movement is the powerful Japanese Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid Flyback Chronograph from Seiko.
  • The material of the Casing is 316L Stainless Steel, while the Lens is Hardened Domed K1 Crystal.
  • With a weight of only 46gms, the watch is water-resistant to depths of 30Meters/3 ATM (Atmospheres).


These vintage chronographs for sale offer the modern “Fashionista” an opportunity to display unique style, with the chronograph dress watch.

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