August 2, 2020

How to Keep Your Solid Wood Floors Healthy

Preventive Maintenance

Having high-quality rugs at every entrance to your home is a great way to minimize the amount of dirt, rock, and grime that needs to be cleaned from the wood surface. Many people do not allow anyone to wear shoes at home so that they do not have to clean them frequently. Using carpets in large rooms with parquet floors or in occupied areas of the home results in less wear and tear than when the floors are exposed.

Daily maintenance

Wooden floor maintenance should start with daily cleaning. This cleaning doesn’t have to be more exhaustive than vacuuming or sweeping, but it is a very important first step because sand and dirt tend to act like sandpaper. This can spoil the beautiful surface of the parquet. Regular floor cleaning is a great way to clean up debris that can be sticky or difficult to remove with a broom. It is important that the mop used to clean the parquet is damp, but not wet. Water and other liquids can discolor solid wood flooring if they are not quickly removed from the floor.

Wooden Floor

Monthly maintenance

Applying a specially formulated oil or wax to hardwood floors about once a month is a great way to ensure that your floor remains intact and resistant to water and stains. The floor must be thoroughly cleaned before applying wax or oil, and this may require you to stay away from the floor for several hours so that it can penetrate the floor and protect the wood.

Damage recovery

Slight scratches that appear on the wood floor surface can usually be removed with a tampon, but a flooring professional with years of experience in wood flooring should remove the deepest scratches.

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