February 10, 2021

About Messe Frankfurt Hong Kong exhibition CIIE 2020

About Messe Frankfurt Hong Kong exhibition CIIE 2020

Messe Frankfurt has the most successful participation as a leading exhibitor in the inaugural celebration of CIIE to display the global network and efforts of the company in the entire China market. This china exhibition helps showcasing the different things including the projects related to the road and belt route and as well as the greater bay area. This company is always running the trade fairs in China which already has the most successful response from the business owners. Thus, it has now become one of the most welcoming and popular global events which adopt virtual or hybrid models.

More things about Messe Frankfurt exhibitor:

Messe Frankfurt definitely enjoyed the positive response from the guests on the first day of the third edition of China CIIE which stands for China International Import Expo. It is utilized by the global trade fair organizer to display its global platform of some of the 155 trade fairs like Hong Kong toys and game fair and also exhibitions to the business market of China.

This CIIE usually takes place from 5 to 10 November, 2020 at National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai with over 3,800 international exhibitors from the 180 different regions and countries. Messe Frankfurt has more than 30 years of experience in organizing the different types of the exhibition in China. It has a capacity of organizing more than 50 events on a single day. There are more future plans for this 2021 and you can see & download the fair/exhibition calendar 2020/2021 at its official page to know more details about all events across the world.


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