January 14, 2021

The importance of test driving a used car

The importance of test driving a used car

If you are planning to buy a used car, then it becomes very important to go for a test drive in order to ensure that you are getting your hands on a quality ride and not on that one that will break down on the starting line. There are plenty of things to think about while putting a car through its paces. Therefore, before you buy used cars in Yakima, you should definitely go for a test drive.

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Before you get behind the wheels

Knowing how to test drive a used car from any dealer or a private seller is an important thing. Before you just get behind those wheels, you need to make sure-

  1. Inspect all the body panels and also the paintworks for any scratches, scrapes, or any kind of dent.
  2. You need to look for each and every tire individually to make sure that they all have at least 1.6mm of the tread.
  3. Also check under the car for any kind of oil or fuel leaks. If you find some, ask the seller.
  4. Open and close all doors and windows in order to make sure that they operate smoothly.
  5. Also test the suspension by pushing the corners of the car down, it should rebound only once and should not bounce around for a long period. If it does, then the suspension needs to be worked on.
  6. Lock all the doors from inside as well as outside both manually and automatically also if possible.
  7. Check for all the lights and signals carefully. Ask someone to make sure that the headlights and brake lights are working properly.

As you drive the vehicle

There is no point in taking a vehicle for a spin until you know how to test drive any used car. You need to look for many things such as-

  1. Does the steering wheel shake while driving? Is there any kind of unusual vibrations?
  2. Does the car accelerate well and are the brakes working properly?
  3. Does the car pull to one side when you let go of the wheel?
  4. Are the gears of the car easy to operate? Can you easily change between the gears smoothly without any loud grinding sound?
  5. Is the clutch of the car very heavy or stiff? Are you comfortable using it?
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