August 6, 2020

White Wine – Top Things to Consider When Buying a Wine

Do you want to serve the best wine to your guests, but do not know how to select the good one? I can help you out! In today’s article I am going to share some knowledge so that you can select the best Australian white wine for any occasion.

Different Kinds of White Wine

There’re some main white wine forms that you can find in any store in Hong Kong. They’re Sauvingnon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Picot Grigio. All these varieties are kinds of grapes that grow in various regions and have got different properties, thus making Beer Hong Kong made from them very different.

At times, you may hear about white wines that are referred to by names of the regions where they’re made. For instance, “White Bordeaux” is the wine from Bordeaux in France. These regions & types of grape have got their different characteristics and qualities. It is more the question on what you are looking for or with what type of food you are serving the wine.


Pairing Food with Wines

Normally you will want to select the wine and beer that can compliment your food. As the rule you can say: heavier the meal, heavier the wine will be. Suppose you’re serving red meat, then you can select Chardonnay that is heavier and sweet in taste.

Suppose you’re serving lighter dinner, such as low-fat fish or sushi, you will do best in pairing the light and dry white wine. Brut or dry Riesling can be the good choices here.

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